adj., adv., n., & v.
1 mistaken; not true; in error (gave a wrong answer; we were wrong to think that).
2 unsuitable; less or least desirable (the wrong road; a wrong decision).
3 contrary to law or morality (it is wrong to steal).
4 amiss; out of order, in or into a bad or abnormal condition (something wrong with my heart; my watch has gone wrong).
—adv. (usually placed last) in a wrong manner or direction; with an incorrect result (guessed wrong; told them wrong).
1 what is morally wrong; a wrong action.
2 injustice; unjust action or treatment (suffer wrong).
1 treat unjustly; do wrong to.
2 mistakenly attribute bad motives to; discredit.
Phrases and idioms:
do wrong commit sin; transgress, offend. do wrong to malign or mistreat (a person). get in wrong with incur the dislike or disapproval of (a person). get on the wrong side of fall into disfavour with. get wrong 1 misunderstand (a person, statement, etc.).
2 obtain an incorrect answer to. get (or get hold of) the wrong end of the stick misunderstand completely. go down the wrong way (of food) enter the windpipe instead of the gullet.
go wrong
1 take the wrong path.
2 stop functioning properly.
3 depart from virtuous or suitable behaviour. in the wrong responsible for a quarrel, mistake, or offence.
on the wrong side of
1 out of favour with (a person).
2 somewhat more than (a stated age).
wrong-foot colloq.
1 (in tennis, football, etc.) play so as to catch (an opponent) off balance.
2 disconcert; catch unprepared. wrong-headed perverse and obstinate. wrong-headedly in a wrong-headed manner. wrong-headedness the state of being wrong-headed. wrong side the worse or undesired or unusable side of something, esp. fabric. wrong side out inside out. wrong way round in the opposite or reverse of the normal or desirable orientation or sequence etc.
wronger n. wrongly adv. wrongness n.
Etymology: OE wrang f. ON rangr awry, unjust, rel. to WRING

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